Advanced analytics

How can we use advanced analytics within a survey?


RED C Research, a leading market research business, approached us to assist its client, a major media brand, in reformulating their subscription model and prices through a complex conjoint study. RED C needed an integrated solution that required technical and statistical expertise, as well as great online data collection experience and project management.


We worked with RED C Research to design a survey that met the client’s brief. The conjoint that we designed comprised many variables and levels; which gave the client complete flexibility in the resultant simulator.

Online methodology

Conjoint design

Sample profiled using postcodes


The simulator was used by RED C to determine the very best subscription solution for the client. This helped them to maximise both revenues and subscriber numbers. 

Results were presented to our client’s CFO and the appropriate working party; and will be fed into future econometrics modelling and budgeting.

“We have a long standing relationship with Yonder Data Solutions based on trust that they always deliver exceptional service levels. The addition of an in-house statistics team has strengthened this relationship and given us new ways to work together. The feedback from our client to our report and the simulator was extremely positive.”

Richard Barton, RED C Research, London​