UK online data collection

How can we deliver a UK sample audience at scale?


In the run up to the 2019 UK General Election, we were engaged to run a large online survey with sufficient scale and robustness to enable our client to analyse the data on a constituency level. Due to the nature of the study, the survey had to be in field for a specific period of time.


Using our highly engaged online panel, Y Live, we delivered 12,000 online interviews across the UK in 3 days – with nationally representative quotas set on gender, age, region and social grade.

With our exceedingly responsive panel, over 10,000 completes were achieved within the first 36 hours of fieldwork. This gave our client a substantial base on which to start their initial analysis.

12,000 sample size

3 days in field

Nationally representative quotas by age, gender, region and social grade


By achieving a robust and nationally representative UK sample size at scale and speed, our client could be confident that the data was accurate and representative, was able to analyse the data at a micro level across all demographics and constituencies, and was ultimately able to successfully predict the outcome of the UK general election.