Online data solutions

How can we bring quant results to life with qual insights?


Looking to bring to life the results of a survey on perceptions of Britain, a leading media agency approached us to provide a solution that combined online survey results with qualitative insights.

The challenge was to collect responses from people in their natural surroundings and gather in-the-moment, authentic and in-depth responses at speed.


Using our technology capabilities and experience with vox pops, we implemented Living Lens video vox pop technology on key open-ended questions. This was integrated into the online survey itself, providing a seamless respondent experience, and allowing video recorded responses to be submitted via the respondent’s webcam or mobile device.

Video responses were delivered via a dashboard with the ability to analyse and bring the video insights together in a show reel.

2,000 sample size

60 video vox pop responses

Online methodology


From a sample size of 2,000 respondents, 60 video vox pops responses were collected. The remaining sample provided a standard typed in response.

What we delivered combined the robustness of quantitative data, with the richness and depth of video responses; successfully bringing the key findings of the analysis to life and adding colour to the results.