How can we deliver a regionally niche audience?


A well-established property and development company had been leading a number of large residential property site developments in and around three towns.

Seeking to understand how local residents felt about the developments, they asked us to implement a methodology that could focus on a five-mile radius of a set location; allowing them to identify households in close proximity to the sites.


As the areas were too regionally specific to achieve online, we used our in-house CATI capabilities to deliver the study using a telephone methodology. Our sampling profile pinpointed postcodes within each of the three towns which were close enough to the specified location. 

This information allowed us to identify all postcodes with a five mile radius, ensuring respondents contacted had knowledge of the local developments.

Sample within a 5 mile radius of 3 specified locations

Sample profiled using postcodes

Telephone methodology


The property and development company were able to understand the awareness, needs and sentiment of the local populations toward the new property developments.

The results gave them actionable insights and they opted to run further waves of research over a period of time; tracking the awareness levels and opinions of those in the specific locations. As a result of this work, we were awarded a three-year contract to continue this methodology in various sites across the UK.