Monkey See

Looking to test your product with an engaged audience?


Monkey See, a market research agency that specialises in behaviour, brand and communications research, was looking to undertake an in-home product trial for a shampoo brand to substantiate some claims made in advertising.

To do this, they wanted to conduct an independent research study of the core target audience and explore the claimed impact of the shampoo on their hair over a 12-weeks of regular usage.


We recruited 516 women aged 45-70, who were open to trying a new shampoo, from our proprietary panel to take part in the in-home trial of the new shampoo. 

Participants took part in a three-month trial of the shampoo. Following a recruitment survey, they were then asked to take part in three follow-up surveys; one after one week of usage; one after six weeks of usage and the final one after 12 weeks of usage. We delivered Excel tables with the results at each stage. 

Key to the objectives of the research was to get as many of those recruited to take part in the trial to complete all stages of the follow-up surveys to avoid having to over-recruit initially.

516 women aged 45-70 took part in the in-home trial

88% completed follow-up surveys


From the 516 women recruited to take part in the trial, 456 went on to complete all the follow-up surveys, an impressive re-contact rate of 88%. This ensured a robust sample size to analyse results and provide a solid sample size for the advertising regulatory body.

“The study was a great success. The quality of response that Yonder Data Solutions get from their panel is always strong, but here respondents were really engaged, and this led to a higher response rate than we had expected or hoped for over the 12-week survey period. As usual, the project management and data processing were excellent, making our job easier. The results have been really well received by our end client, and they are likely to be used in the advertising campaign itself.”

Helen Law, Partner, Monkey See