Five essential questions to ask any fieldwork and data solutions partner

Whether you’re looking for ad-hoc support or longer term support, choosing the fieldwork partner is an important decision. Research recommendations can only be correctly made if they are based on robust and reliable data, so it’s vital to get the right partner for the job. Here are some of our tips for the top questions to be asking about any data solutions partner.

What do they bring to the partnership?

Trust is a crucial part of any partnership. It is important that teams feel supported by the value that their data solutions partner brings. A good data solutions partner should take a consultative approach to managing studies, and bring added value to your projects.

Here at Yonder Data Solutions, we cannot survive without trust. Our clients rely on us to deliver on time and to spec across both online and telephone (CATI) methodologies. Security and discretion is paramount; our questionnaire content and data security is first-rate and we are proud to be an MRS Fair Data accredited organization – a sign of our commitment to treating consumers and their data fairly.

What are they like under pressure?

We live in the era of the 24-hour news cycle. A valuable fieldwork partner needs to always be highly responsive in order to meet deadlines. Check testimonials and case studies to ensure that your data solutions provider is up to the task of delivering data under pressure. For example, last year Yonder Data Solutions delivered over 1,700 online projects and more than 145 CATI projects. We reach over 6,000 adults every week on our Online Omnibus alone. Our same day service provides rapid insight response to breaking news.

How are they staying future-proof?

Keeping on top of current trends is one thing, but a good data solutions provider should have one eye on the future too. We have invested in our online survey platform to ensure it consistently works across all devices to ensure that it stays current. Our data shows that 64% of 18-44 year olds will take part in surveys on a mobile device – so it’s vital that any fieldwork provider considers the survey design on all devices. You can read more about best practice on mobile survey design here.

Do they see the bigger picture?

Data capture and delivery is one crucial part of a wider business. A good data solutions partner will provide pitch support options and will be solutions-led. They’ll know your business inside-out, and be able to make considered, relevant and timely recommendations. The data team need to act as an extension of your eye team, guiding you through the process and delivering insight that you can take decisive action on.

Part of seeing the bigger picture requires speaking in plain English. At Yonder Data Solutions, we provide advanced analytical solutions and our aim is to provide statistical outputs in plain English and in a commercially focused way, ensuring maximum levels of insight are generated, not statistical jargon. We’ve got experience across a number of sectors including technology, telecommunications, media, internet, financial, healthcare, automotive and public sector.

Are they innovating?

The likes of biometrics, virtual reality and implicit testing are no longer banished to the confines of science fiction. Delivering state-of-the-art data capture, delivery and visualisation solutions demands a high level of innovation. A good fieldwork and data solutions partner will be on the cusp of innovation. At Yonder Data Solutions we continue to challenge the status quo with pioneering research techniques to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. We are delighted to have been recently shortlisted for the MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution 2019.

Yonder Data Solutions’ experienced team in the UK have built a reputation for being a fieldwork partner that can be relied upon to deliver. We are proud to be an MRS Fair Data Accredited organization and have won Best Data Solutions at the MRS Operations Awards for three years.