Mastering the art of market research coding

Do you need your open-ended survey responses coded quickly and accurately? Our experienced in-house team specialises in the timely delivery of high-quality coding for open-ended responses and brand coding in various formats.

By coding open-ended responses, we systematically extract and identify concepts, patterns, and insights within the dataset. Our rigorous approach applies descriptive codes to the sections of the data that represent specific ideas or themes. 

Why choose Yonder Data Solutions for market research coding?

Top tier quality coding

We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality coded data. Our rigorous quality control blends manual and automated methods to ensure precision and consistency.

Rigorous attention to detail

Combining human expertise with AI, we create accurate code frames that reflect themes and concepts. Our meticulous approach ensures the data’s meaning and nuance are captured, while AI efficiently identifies subtleties human analysis might initially miss.

Collaboration with clients

We collaborate flexibly with clients, creating code frames to their specifications, incorporating feedback, and working with client-created code frames when required.

Speedy delivery of high-quality hybrid AI coding

Yonder Data Solutions ensures quick project turnaround, regardless of dataset size. Using advanced software and AI tools, we analyse data efficiently and scale up as needed without sacrificing quality.


Fast-track insights: streamlining a market study with human-AI hybrid coding

In a recent project, we successfully coded 16,164 responses for a market study on the awareness and perception of holiday park providers. Faced with a tight deadline, our hybrid human-AI coding model halved the project timeline from twelve to six days, swiftly delivering reliable insights needed for strategic decisions.

The project highlighted that while AI significantly accelerated the process, it also impacted quality. Moving forward, we will continue to use our hybrid human-AI approach to ensure we deliver the most accurate data for our clients. 

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