Omnibus surveys: how to get nationally representative answers to your burning questions

Jonathan Gateson, Omnibus Manager

Looking for quick, cost-effective, robust, and truly representative data? An omnibus solution may just be the perfect fit. We run a number of omnibus solutions from a nationally representative UK sample 3 times a week. We offer online and telephone solutions, cover Scotland, Ireland, and many international markets, plus a robust B2B service. 

We’ve put together some thoughts on how and when to turn to an omnibus solution, and the benefits for your business. 

What is an omnibus survey?

An omnibus is a single survey, where multiple businesses can ask questions across a variety of topics. A nationally representative sample of the population answer questions about all sorts of topics and aspects of their lives, providing organisations with real-time insight on the issues that matter to them most. Using an omnibus survey approach is a cost-effective way to ask the nation questions you’d like the answer to because you share the cost with other businesses running questions on the same survey.

For example: 

Section A from Company 1 asks questions on holiday spending habits

Section B from Company 2 asks questions on telecoms brand awareness

Section C from Company 3 asks questions about a recent advertising campaign

Section D from Company 4 asks questions on past and future political opinions

And rest assured, although you are sharing the survey with other organisations, you will only receive data for your own questions. This means no one else receives the data you have paid for. As an added benefit, you also get access to the demographic data behind your respondents to help you understand your insights and whether further customer understanding is required.

Why choose an omnibus survey?

You may find yourself asking: why opt for a survey shared with others, over a standalone ad-hoc survey? Here are the key benefits to choosing the omnibus approach:

  1. Cost-effective
    1. As the omnibus is typically a shared survey, so is the cost. As the cost of running the survey is shared across clients, clients are able to collect data in a more cost-effective manner compared to running the survey on their own. 
  • Speed
    • As well as being kind to your budget, omnibus solutions often works well when you’re up against the clock and require data quickly. We can get you the answers you need in as little as 48 hours. This includes the time needed to script, run the fieldwork, and deliver the data. 
  • Access to diverse & representative audiences
    • Omnibus allows you to tap into representative audiences for their thoughts and opinions. This is great when aiming to understand the views of the nation. We ensure our nationally representative omnibus has quotas by age, gender, region, social grade and ethnicity with the ability to analyse results further by demographics such as disability, long standing physical and mental conditions, and across the LGBTQ+ spectrum. 
  • Ability to boost key audiences
    • As well as having access to representative audiences, there is often scope to boost the base size of key demographics within the main sample. This allows for robust audience sizes for analysis. Examples of this could include younger age groups, ethnic minorities, and those that are digitally excluded and digitally disengaged. 
  • High quality data
    • Insights published in the press are often results from an omnibus survey. Using the latest technology, our omnibus solutions blend the best in automated and manual quality checks, carried out by our highly experienced and trusted survey management team, to deliver data that you can trust and rely on.

What can an omnibus be used for?

Sections for the Omnibus tend to be smaller in size and well suited to quick turnaround research. We often help organisations across all industries, shapes and sizes understand:

  • Public reactions to breaking news or topical issues
  • Market sizing
  • Testing new advertising, concepts or innovations
  • Tracking brand awareness over time 
  • Tracking studies to measure performance and trends over time
  • Political polls

What deliverables are provided?

Once fieldwork is completed, we’ll provide the data in standard table format, or if you’d prefer, the raw data files so you can run your own analysis and present the data however you choose to.

Omnibus at Yonder Data Solutions

We run a UK omnibus 3 times a week and have a host of other omnibus solutions:

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If you have questions for any of our omnibus audiences, we would love to support you. Get in touch with Jonathan Gateson