We have developed a bespoke algorithm identifying 8% of the population as opinion influencers.

Opinion influencers

Highly active in their community and online

Demonstrated by actions such as starting online campaigns, writing to newspapers, standing for elected positions and twice as likely to use Twitter as the general population

Highly informed

Five times more likely to read the FT than the general population

Actively sought out for their advice

Approached by extended family, senior colleagues, experts, and members of their local community


Pointing towards future trends in behaviour and attitudes


  • 500 online surveys with opinion influencers


  • Submit 10 questions by 11:00am with data at noon the next day
  • Parallel surveys with a nationally representative sample can be completed within the same time frame to benchmark ‘Opinion Influencers’ results against those of the general public


  • Data tables in PDF, Excel or SPSS and unlimited tabular analysis

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