Spotlight on: Ben Godsman

About me

Hi, I’m Ben, an Associate Director in data processing at Yonder Data Solutions. With over 25+ years of experience, I began my career at one of the big research agencies post-university. I joined during a significant growth period for the market research industry and consider myself fortunate to have fallen into a line of work that brings me real satisfaction to do it well. I like to think that my role plays to my strengths – a slightly obsessive attention to detail, which is a common trait in our field and perfectly suited for the tasks at hand!

Yonder Data Solutions

I’ve worked at Yonder Data Solutions for about 18 months, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here. There is a palpable energy about the business, with a sharp commercial focus and quality being a top priority. As I’m now well into my career, my role at Yonder Data Solutions has been a great opportunity for me to challenge myself and apply my skills and experience in a different context. It’s rare to have a best-in-class data processing team who are responsible for 100% of the work, with no outsourcing or offshoring. Our team has lots of varied experience, works hard, and truly embodies our high quality culture. I feel proud of what we achieve and the way we go about it!

Client focus

Within the data processing team, we leverage our experience to anticipate our clients’ requirements, make informed decisions regarding data and analysis, and maintain transparency throughout the process. Our clients tend to be experienced researchers who know exactly what they want and will spec this out for us in detail, which is great! However, (and just as great) we also work with clients who may have less knowledge in this area, and we’re well-equipped to provide guidance and add value, drawing on our extensive experience and expertise to deliver best-in-class analysis. When working directly with external clients, our successes manifest through our endless positivity and our ability to go above and beyond.

A typical day data processing

A typical day varies between the extremes… We might be solidly focusing on a single, complex project, or be dipping in and out of various tasks, rapidly responding to different clients’ queries and requests. We operate in a fairly fast-paced environment, with a constant influx of fascinating work. Therefore, keeping an eye on the projects being commissioned and launched is crucial, so that we can match skillsets and capacity across the team, and identify learning opportunities for continued development.

On more focused days, I find great satisfaction in doing the technical aspects of the job well – maths, programming skills, and attention to detail are key here. The data processing team works efficiently, and we always make sure to leave behind something easy to follow if a colleague ever needs to ‘pick it up’.

While the fundamentals of data processing work don’t change quickly – as the main outputs include tables, weighting and data in varied formats – working across different projects can present unexpected challenges. There can be a real creative element to exploring different solutions, and we enjoy sharing knowledge across our team, with everyone bringing slighltly different experiences to the table.

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