Benefits of a CATI approach for reaching business audiences

Can you guess which one data collection methodology has stood the test of time as the one of the most reliable form of reaching key stakeholders and senior decision makers in businesses? 

The answer is by telephone!

CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) builds upon the significance of the human element in business interactions. With tight quality controls and a complex sample management at its core, a professionally trained telephone interviewer is able to navigate in an arena where the hard to reach audience is precisely that – hard to reach.

Reaching business audiences

Stakeholders and senior decision makers are notoriously difficult to make contact with but hold the most valuable insight. Insight which can unlock findings that drive strategic and marketing decisions.

With companies spending millions each year implementing buying experiences which are both efficient and effective, leaving a positive footprint with their corporate customers – it’s crucial to ensure the customer satisfaction feedback follows suit with the core audience. Creating a lasting impression which is both personal and professional.

Benefits of CATI

The telephone methodology allows easy access to a business population. In a digital world, CATI represents a key methodology for contacting hard to reach audiences such as Managing Directors, Professionals in the Healthcare sector, HR Directors, Finance Directors, C Suite Execs, IT Directors and more.

A team of professionally trained business to businesses interviewers can work from a client database and free-found lists, navigating through switchboard, secretaries and receptionists – making contact with the person that matters. With the high level of quality synonymous with CATI, interviewers are trained to verify, listen, probe and engage with respondents – ensuring the data collected can withstand the greatest level of scrutiny.

Sampling profile – target your audience

By understanding the ideal business demographic of the target audience, the CATI management team can create an accurate sampling profile to match these requirements. With the wealth of information readily available, the CATI approach allows the ability to target to individual needs e.g by region, SIC code, role, company size and annual turnover. Targeting the right audience in the most efficient manner allows clients to learn more about their valuable customers, develop a deeper understanding of where opportunities for growth lie and can gather competitor intelligence to strengthen their market share.

CATI solutions

Here at Yonder Data Solutions, our extremely talented and highly experienced management team deliver business to business projects to industry leading quality standards. Delivering data which can be relied up for making the key decisions, data which can withstand the greatest of scrutiny and can be interrogated to uncover valuable insight into their customers and their competitors.

An award winning agency, Yonder Data Solutions is home to one of the UK’s leading Market Research Telephone Centre. Each year we conduct over 100,000 surveys via 5 million calls with consumers and senior decision makers within a range of industries from our 85 seat Telephone Centre.

Contact Us

If you like to get in touch to discuss our telephone offerings or to see how a CATI approach can benefit your business – contact Kalpesh Varsani, Head of Telephone Solutions on 020 7553 4130 or

Yonder Data Solutions are extremely proud to have won the prestigious MRS Operations Award for Best Data Solution for three consecutive years and the Highly Commended award for 2019.