We provide high-quality online data collection solutions to research partners and businesses alike, to deliver data that can be trusted first time.

Our online data collection solutions bring together rigorous and robust data collection, advanced analytics solutions, and global audience access.

Our UK proprietary panel PopulusLive

We believe that the key to achieving robust data results is to treat our panel members with the respect that they deserve and to place them at the heart of the research process.

150,000 members across the UK

High quality

Our members are noted for their quality of response both quantitatively but also via verbatim comments.

In depth profiling​

We have 100’s of profiling points available which allows highly accurate feasibility and delivery.

Highly engaged

They are paid fairly for their time and effort and are not over solicited.


We see well above average response rates to our surveys, which means we can respond at speed and guarantee delivery.

Highly rated by our members

Rated as ‘’Excellent” by our members on Trustpilot.

Global reach

We are highly experienced and trusted in delivering global online data collection studies.

  • We own the whole process from scripting, translations to data collection and data delivery.
  • All international sample goes through the same rigorous quality controls as our panel.
  • We source international panels on a best in class basis; meaning we are not tied to a single supplier.
  • Our network of partners are regional experts so no matter the market you need, we can help add value and deliver information into market specifics.
  • No job is too big or too small. We carry out single question polls through to international, always on, tracking studies across multiple markets.

Mobile ready

Respondents are increasingly answering surveys using mobile and tablet devices. Yonder Data Solutions have invested significantly in our mobile rendering technology and our standard practice is to render all surveys for mobiles and tablets unless there is anything that makes it specifically unsuitable to do so.

See more for best practice advice on mobile survey design.

Ad hoc projects

We carry out in excess of 1,000 ad hoc projects per year targeting a range of consumer, B2B, healthcare and difficult to reach audiences. We have worked in a host of industries, from automotive and sports, to advertising and FMCG, with the focus of producing reliable, robust data, which forms the bedrock of business decisions.


We have significant experience in carrying out trackers; running in excess of 50 per year for businesses looking to track and monitor KPIs over a period. This might include campaign effectiveness, brand perception, awareness levels, and more.

  • Our experience is a key factor for our success here, allowing us to run effective studies with consistent sampling and management that leads to robust results wave to wave.
  • We are also well experienced in transitioning existing trackers using a systematic process to ensure consistency.