We provide our clients with the most reliable, robust data with our survey programming and hosting services which can be used to inform important business decisions and build a more robust strategy. As an experienced survey host, we take data quality very seriously and set up our data collection systems specifically to deliver data that can be trusted.

  • A key strength of our scripting capabilities is our ability to create engaging surveys
  • We believe that an engaging survey experience leads to better quality results that give you actionable insights
  • We have complete control over the look and feel of surveys, so can customise a user-friendly design tailored to your specific needs

All our surveys are tested and reviewed by our Survey Management team, who will use a consultative approach to ensure the accuracy of our links before they reach you.

We have a sustainable approach to producing high-quality research results. Our quality control measures are built into the survey script itself and our approach to quality includes:

  • Time delay on all questions to avoid speeding and to build a natural sensible flow of the survey
  • Machine fingerprinting, DOB and postcode collection to eliminate duplicate responses.
  • Built-in logic questions to ensure respondents are fully engaged
  • All surveys are designed to be engaging and interesting to complete, helping to improve the response rate and increase the quality of the data collected
  • All surveys rendered to work across PCs/laptops, tablets and mobiles to ensure they’re user-friendly and accessible to all
  • Grid question quality control measures
  • Our survey management team perform manual data checks to check soft launch data, remove speeders, flatliners and those providing poor quality open ended responses

Engaging survey design examples can be viewed here

We can script and host surveys for you using client provided sample.

The Survey Management team, our systems and servers are all UK based which makes complying with all GDPR requirements very simple for us. We are a MRS Fair Data Accredited organisation – a sign of our commitment to treating consumers and their data fairly.

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For more information on how we can assist you in sending surveys to your own databases or client samples, please contact Shashi Lakhani, Client Development Director:


See below for in-depth information on our survey programming and hosting services.

What is survey programming?

Survey programming is a service which involves creating a questionnaire based on the requirements of the survey and what you hope to achieve from running it. For example, if a business wants to run a survey to learn more about customer satisfaction, you could use a survey programming service to create a questionnaire which is designed to get respondents to give their opinion on your products and services.

What are the benefits of a survey?

Providing the sampling process is carried out correctly, there are many benefits to running a survey for your business, including:

  • You can get the opinion of a large quantity of your customers, stakeholders, clients or whoever else you may be targeting compared to other forms of online data collection such as focus groups and interviews. The more data you have, the more reliable your results will be to use in making important business decisions.
  • You can reach more of your target audience – online surveys enable you to reach respondents in hard-to-reach areas, helping to make your results more varied and representative of a wider population. Equally, you can administer the survey remotely, making it an easier way to get the information you require.
  • You can get quick responses, making this the ideal data collection solution if you need answers within a certain timeframe.
  • Compared to other forms of data collection, surveys are usually a more cost-effective option.

That said, the process involved in designing high-quality questionnaires which will generate meaningful responses can be time-consuming. This is where we come in. You can hire an experienced survey host such as ourselves to script and programme the survey on your behalf, saving you valuable time and ensuring questionnaires are engaging. 

Are surveys reliable?

How reliable a survey is can really depend on how well the sampling process was performed. Here at Yonder Data Solutions, ensuring that we supply our clients with the most reliable data is our top priority. We understand that the results from a survey can drive your business strategy and inform other important decisions. It’s for this reason that as a survey host, we have quality control measures in place, including time delays on questions to prevent respondents from rushing their answers, surveys designed for multiple devices to improve accessibility and personal data collection to prevent people from entering more than one survey response.

What is a survey host?

Yonder Data Solutions provides survey host and survey consulting services to script, programme and host surveys, collecting the data your business needs and feeding this back to you in a timely manner without compromising on reliability. Contact us and speak to a survey consultant today to find out how we can help support your business.