Yonder Data Solutions is home to one of the UK’s leading telephone data collection interviewing solutions (CATI).

We are an MRS Company Partner and are MRS Fair Data Accredited which is a sign of our commitment to treating consumers and their data fairly and securely.

We provide our clients with total assurance in our telephone data collection process, allowing them to analyse and interrogate data confidently.

What is CATI?

CATI stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. This is where interviewers follow an electronic survey script and record responses to pre-coded responses within the system. Essentially, it is a more efficient way for interviewers to collect data for quantitative market research compared to more traditional telephone interviews. 

What are the benefits of CATI?​

The key benefits of telephone data collection are:

  • Speed – the interviewing process is made to be quicker and more efficient as data is entered into the system at the time of the interview. With CATI, you no longer need additional data processing (such as transcription and data entry), which will also help to reduce time, errors and costs
  • Low cost of data collection
  • Quality control to reduce errors
  • Enables you to interview hard-to-reach audiences e.g. offline users
  • Postcode region targeting can focus on regions of interest
  • Postcode region targeting can focus on regions of interest
  • Conversations can be recorded, allowing you to listen to audio recordings at a later date
  • Interviewers can focus on the interview and the respondent’s answers as the instructions/questions are already pre-coded
  • Many modern CATI platforms will allow for mixed-mode methodologies (i.e. you can combine telephone interviews with online surveys), which is particularly useful where several methods of data collection are required to maximise response rates

More details on our CATI services.

  • We utilise state of the art technology and tools with a highly experienced CATI management team and over 100 interviewers across the country
  • Reliable industry leading quality processes underpin every stage of fieldwork ensuring the data we deliver is to the highest levels of integrity
  • We conduct over 100,000 telephone interviews per annum
  • Our experienced CATI data collection team is involved in every step of the process from the initial feasibility reports through to final delivery of data. This allows us to ensure every project is delivered on time and on spec
  • Our consultative approach allows us to share the vast experience of our senior team; enabling them to support and guide research projects of varying sample sizes, a range of audiences, and a wide spectrum of research objectives to help our clients inform their business strategy.

With our telephone data collection services, you can reach a wide range of audiences to gain valuable insight, including:

  • Nationally representative studies across the UK
  • Hard to reach audiences e.g. low-income households, AB, offline users, 18 to 24-year olds
  • Constituency level polling
  • Senior decision makers, stakeholder and C-Suite members
  • Doctors, Lawyers, Financial Advisors

Our expert CATI team will take the best interviewing approach to gather the right data from the right people. We’re experienced in conducting the following:

  • Structured quantitative survey
  • Semi structured telephone surveys
  • Recruitment for focus groups and depth interviews
  • Video call interviews
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Consumer retention digit dialling surveys
  • Business to Business surveys across various sectors

Quality assured

We capture meaningful data with impact, by following the CATI approach with precision and attention to detail. Our quality assurance process ensures that the data provided is reliable

  • Our approach is a multi layered approach
  • Consultative guidance from quote stage
  • Live integrity checks across fieldwork
  • Data processing checks

We focus on the five key principles of telephone data collection

  • Script delivery
  • Respondent control
  • Quality of data
  • Objection handling
  • Probing

Our telephone omnibus is the only weekly survey of its kind that targets a 50:50 mix of landline and mobile users.

This ensures that we pick up the national proportion of ‘mobile only households’ which is key in delivering a representative telephone sample of the population. 



For more details, please contact Shashi Lakhani, Client Development Director

E: shashi.lakhani@yonderdatasolutions.com

See below for in-depth information on our telephone data collection (CATI) services.

How can data be collected through telephonic interviews?

With CATI telephone data collection, an interviewer will have access to a computer system which contains pre-coded questions for them to ask respondents. As answers are given, the interviewer will input this information directly into the system.

Who can benefit from CATI data collection services?

A wide range of companies can benefit from CATI data collection, including:

  • Companies looking to improve their customer services
  • Those looking for an insight into their customers or competitors, so they can improve their marketing strategy and make more informed business decisions
  • Those who need to collect information from hard-to-reach audiences such as Managing Directors, offline users, stakeholders and young audiences (such as those in the 18-24 year-old bracket)
  • Those performing market research (i.e. identifying popular products and discovering which services are high in demand).

Moreover, many CATI softwares will also allow for simpler sample management, quota management (ensuring enough interviews with specific groups are completed) and more effective monitoring of response rates which helps to make the process of obtaining valuable data seamless with less issues.

If you have any further questions about our telephone data collection (CATI) services or you have a project in mind you’d like to discuss, please contact our friendly team.