Why dashboards? Why now?

In a world full of noise, beautifully visualised data has impact. Our dashboards have a vast range of uses, from delivering insight, projecting trends, or improving audience engagement.

More than anything, our dashboards take viewers on a journey. They tell a brand’s story in an authentic and entirely unique way. They are defined by fact, devised by artists, and driven by innovation.

Our dashboards are a standard part of our outputs and add demonstrable value to the trusted insights we deliver.

Built to your specifications

Our dashboard solutions are always built to meet your expectations. Fully branded, high-quality designs fully integrated into your company style.


Every dashboard includes a fully secure user-based, password-protected system with multiple levels of accessibility.


Slice and dice up data with interactive filters; or enhance outputs with real-time charts that can be generated and exported into Excel and PowerPoint.

Meet the dashboards


The Self-analysis portal is the perfect tool for quick and easy data interrogation. Create highly customised tables and charts in seconds with the intuitive drag-and-drop interface. 


The Overview dashboard marries convenience and clarity. This pre-built, off-the-shelf solution offers a top-level look at data visualised in its simplest form. Good for data at a glance.


The Exploration dashboard integrates exclusive chart designs with bespoke imagery for a tailor-made finish. All the simplicity of a pre-built dashboard with the uniqueness of your own branding.


The Immersion dashboard translates ideas into beautifully compelling stories. It is fully custom-built to your specifications, packaged in your brand. Perfect for vibrant, stand-out visualisation.

Use cases

Ad hoc

Fast delivery ad-hoc dashboard solutions, when you need them most. Deep dive into Campaign/ Ad testing, Customer Satisfaction, Performance and more.


Monitor the results of research over time. Trackers are vital for pinpointing particular events that impact brand awareness, customer sentiment and more.

Market segmentation

Create subsets of a particular market based on demographics, needs, priorities, common interests and many more.


Filter by specific country and present multiple markets with international dashboards. Do away with multiple, clunky PowerPoint reports.

“Dashboards from Yonder Data Solutions have been a great way to add value for our clients and to put the power of research data into the hands of stakeholders. Being able to go to a single partner for both quantitative data collection and dashboards has been a streamlined approach for us, and the dashboards are an elegant way to bring data to life”.

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