Reaching your B2B target audience

Yonder Data Solutions

Being able to reach business audiences to take part in B2B research is critical to providing the evidence you need for effective decision-making. In order to ensure that these key decisions on B2B products and services remain customer focused, it’s vital to ensure the quality of the business audience taking part in the research.

With the right audience, your business can achieve a variety of objectives, such as building market segmentations, staying on top of market trends, better understanding the buying process, identifying new opportunities, developing brands, tracking perceptions of your business, developing new products and services, increasing your ROI and much more.

By targeting the right businesses as part of your data collection, you can ensure that your time and resources aren’t wasted, and your strategy is built around the audiences integral to your business.

Finding the right audience for your B2B market research

We know how important reaching the right business audiences is and understand the challenges involved in finding them. That’s why we use one or a combination of up to three methods that are tailored to sourcing the right audience to match your research needs. These include:

  • Our online proprietary panel
  • B2B omnibus (only available in the UK)
  • Using our extended network of partners in the UK and around the world 
  • CATI – we are home to one of the UK’s leading telephone data collection interviewing solutions and have access to key stakeholders and decision makers

Online Panel  

Our own proprietary online panel Y Live is made up of participants, which we have extensively profiled across key business areas. Our business audiences are placed at the heart of the research process, and we reward them fairly for their time taking part in our surveys. We combine this with a number of measures and quality checks to ensure we always deliver high quality business audiences. 

Using our online panel, we can reach the following business audiences:

  • Small business owners
  • Business owners / directors / senior management
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Teachers
  • Trade industry (plumbers, electricians, construction workers etc.)

Decision makers in:

  • Accounting, tax, finance / banking
  • Communications / marketing / advertisin
  • HR / employee benefits
  • Legal services
  • Accommodation / travel
  • Sales / business development
  • IT services
  • Telecoms services
  • Utility services
  • Employee training schemes

So, no matter who you’re trying to reach, we have willing respondents for your B2B needs to give you valuable insights.

Online B2B omnibus

Our B2B omnibus taps into the attitudes and opinions of SME owners and directors. The business omnibus is a cost effective and quick solution to reaching key decision makers and understanding their views. The service delivers insight that will enable you to overcome your business challenges by accessing the views of the people that could determine your success. Find out more about our omnibus services here.

Extended network of partners

We have a network of partners around the world who are B2B experts, so, no matter what audience you need, we can help add value and deliver information into market specifics and audiences required. 

All of our partners go through the same rigorous quality controls as our panel, and we source B2B samples on a best-in-class basis – meaning we are not tied to a single supplier. 


We are proud to be home to one of the UK’s leading CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing) solutions. In an increasingly digital world, CATI is a key methodology we use to contact hard to reach audiences including the following business audiences: Managing Directors, Professionals in the Healthcare sector, HR Directors, Finance Directors, C Suite Execs, IT Directors and more. Reach B2B audiences with our CATI services.

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