Spotlight on: Ben Godsman

About me Hi, I’m Ben, an Associate Director in data processing at Yonder Data Solutions. With over 25+ years of experience, I began my career at one of the big research agencies post-university. I joined during a significant growth period for the market research industry and consider myself fortunate to have fallen into a line of […]

How much is your time worth? 

Stop for a moment and think about how much your time is worth. If I were to ask you for 10 minutes of your time, what would be the monetary value of that time?

Spotlight on: Mano Keopraseuth

A bit about me I’m Mano, a Senior Survey Manager at Yonder Data Solutions. In navigating the dynamic world of market research for over a decade, I’ve honed my skills in both qualitative and quantitative research. My work has spanned international borders, collaborating with UK and French market research agencies, and I’ve lead diverse and fascinating […]

The power of data visualisation for audience engagement

We are truly living in the Information Age, with more content than we can ever consume at our fingertips. This abundance means we easily give up on things we don’t see value in. If a website doesn’t give us what we came for in a few seconds or less, we’ll abandon it.

The importance of data quality in effective decision-making

At Yonder Data Solutions we provide fieldwork and data collection solutions within and to the market research industry. Our purpose is to provide the evidence for effective decision-making. Yet effective decision-making can only take place if the data upon which those decisions is being made is of the highest quality and stands up to integrity.

Reaching your B2B target audience

Being able to reach business audiences to take part in B2B research is critical to providing the evidence you need for effective decision-making. In order to ensure that these key decisions on B2B products and services remain customer focused, it’s vital to ensure the quality of the business audience taking part in the research. With […]

A reflection on 7 years and a pandemic

Recently, when my 7-year work anniversary of joining Yonder Data Solutions (previously Populus Data Solutions) appeared on LinkedIn, it prompted me to reflect on my time here, and in particular the last 18 months. So much has changed – together with our colleagues in Yonder Consulting we have launched a new business, most of the […]